Week 25 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through how to Create Great Restaurant Ads

Restaurant advertisement is a great way to persuade your target market to visit your restaurant. This week's video, helps you with the five major steps that you need to follow when you planning to create a restaurant ad: goals, evaluate, budget, channels, and ROI.

So let's start by your restaurant advertisement goals. Or in other words the reason why you want to create the ad. In this step you should answer:

Why do you think you need an ad? Is it to increase your restaurant reputation as the best pizzas in town? To promote your new lobster deal? Ask your customers to visit your new website and get a lobster discount?

After defining your goals, you need to evaluate if advertisement is the most cost effective way to achieve them, or there is another way like an internal poster that would get the same results with a lower investment.

So in this step you need to think if:

Does a direct mail campaign achieve better results? Or will achieve the same results with a lower cost?

Does an email marketing campaign would work? If you have a good database the cost to create it can be very low.

Can you share your message inside your restaurant? With existing clients, stickers on the window? Flyers inside the bill folder? etc…

If it is a big thing that you want to announce, what about a press release? If the journalists love your campaign story, they will create free ads for you.

Is there any local event happening that you could join and promote your stuff?

If you have decided to go ahead and create a restaurant ad, the next thing you need to think is your budget.

To decide on your budget you need to consider 3 things:

The first is, how much cash you have at your disposal?

The second is, did you made similar advertisements in the past? What were the results? How much did you spend?

And the last is, does your competitors use restaurant ads to promote their stuff? Do you think they are getting good results? What are their methods? If you believe something is working for them, don't take me wrong but you should somehow create something similar but better?

And don't feel bad about it, it is just how the business works. Example, when Samsung launched a bigger phone with success, Apple followed it.

After taking these 3 things into consideration, you need to decide how much you will spend on this campaign and move to the next step.

That is to select the best ad channel for your case. Here there are a lot of possibilities, and you should think for a few days what it will be the most appropriate to achieve your goals.

You shouldn't forget that you don't need to spend all your marketing budget in one platform but you could do a mix. When you deciding this you should think of:

Which channels your competitors use and why? What are the newspapers and magazines your target market read? What about, where they hang out online?

Does your potential customers search for your kind of restaurant online? If yes, google and yahoo adwords are another possibility. What about radio? Does your target market listen to it regularly?

After this decision you are ready to start designing your ad and launch your campaign.

But you haven't finished your job, you still need to analyze your return on investment.

This part is extremely important and the key to the business, because if after analyzing that the ad brought you an extra $5,000 on profit and had the cost of $1,000 dollars, should you do it again?

How to measure the results depends on the channel you used. Online advertisement channels provide detailed analytics for each campaign.

If you have chosen an offline method it will be difficult to measure it extremely accurately but you can use techniques like: a dedicated telephone number to receive reservations, ask new customers how they find you, use discount coupons in print advertisement, etc…

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