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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through How to Exceed Customer Expectations in Restaurants.

Before I give you some tips in how to exceed restaurant customers' expectations I need to spend a minute explaining you, why it is the most important thing in restaurant marketing. It is because when you exceed your guests' expectations you increase exponentially the probability of your guests becoming regular guests.

So instead of spending one time at your restaurant, let's think 80 dollars, he will come frequently to spend around 80 dollars at your place. If he comes once a month you already get 880 dollars of extra revenue in that year by having exceeded his expectations.

But this is just the start of the benefit, if he brings some friends with him, and you exceed his guest's expectations, most probably you get another regular customer from that table.

If that new regular also spends 80 dollars on average per visit, it is another 880 dollars per year. And so on and so on…

Let's do some math here for better understanding. The calculations here are assuming that every regular customer that you manage to get by exceeding his expectations, will dine with his guests at your place once a month, and you manage to convert one of his guests into a new regular customer.

If you manage to implement this system, you in a short period of time have thousands of regular clients spending good money frequently at your restaurant.

Sounds Good right? So now let's start with some ways to exceed your customers' expectations:

-If your target market are families, you should focus definitely in exceeding the little ones expectations, because it is so easy and they have a lot of power when families are deciding where to go for a meal. You can do this by supplying them with coloring papers and crayons, or just a small basket with a few toys to entertain them. It is that simple and it works! Parents will be happy and have plenty of time to talk to each other, and in future the kids will suggest your restaurant as the perfect place to dine out.

-Make your customers feel important, this can be done by simply treating them by the name, suggesting things you know they like, an example would be: Welcome Paul, today we have your favorite "chocolate cake". You need to make them understand that they are important to you. They need to feel like a VIP at your restaurant. This will make them spend more dollars, and feel like a star in front of their guests.

-Listen to their desires and try to fulfill them. Imagine you are a regular at a Brazilian rodizio restaurant, and one day you talk to its manager and mention that, if they had this kind of Timorese Chili sauce, would mix very well with their meats. Next month you come back, and the manager comes to you with this nice bottle of Timorese Chili, would you feel special? Would you want to come back?

-The traditional surprise birthday cake with the staff singing the birthday song it always work. Some guests sometimes feel shy, but at the end they always love it and creates a memory on their heads and most probably on their photo album.

Another think that I forget to mention and that it is extremely important is that, when you become very busy, you need to start selecting the guests you should focus on exceeding expectations, as you will not have time for all. This selection should be made according to their spending and probabilities of coming back.

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