Week 19 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through 8 Great Social Media Tactics for Restaurants.

Many times I'm asked by restaurant managers what they should post on their restaurant social media channels. So in this week's video, I will share eight restaurant social media tactics I regularly use:

1: It is not just about you, or your restaurant:

You should also talk and share about the happenings in your neighborhood, imagine that a new school or post office opens around your restaurant, go there take a shot and congratulate the opening through your social media platforms.

People love to know that you also care about others around you, and not only about your daily revenue.

2: Promote your new menu items:

Take a photo of them and share it through facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest. You can use the same photo in all platforms, but I suggest you to change a little the photo description.

Make sure it is a good photo, it doesn't need to be taken by an amazing photographer or with the best camera, but see if you can find on your team or in your family someone that takes photos as a hobby.

Also, try to include people in the photo to make it more "real". It is better to have a person taking the first bite of your new item, than just the dish in a white background.

3: Announce a new member of your team:

If someone new joined your team. share his photo on your restaurant social media platforms. In these social media platforms, the more engagement, by engagement I mean likes, shares, and comments, your posts have, the higher they will rank, and with this higher ranking they will appear more times on your followers' screens.

4: Talk about your restaurant marketing promotions:

Restaurant customers love special deals and seasonal promotions. If you are not a designer, I suggest you to use canva to create the image that you will share, as you can easily create professionally looking images for your promotions that are ready to be shared in the most common social media platforms.

5: Ask social media followers for recommendations when you are hiring new staff.

These kind of posts also create engagement, as people start showing interest through the comment box or sharing it with their friends that are looking for a new job. Besides that, this is a great way to be seen as a member of the local community by providing jobs to them.

6: Share a recipe with a video demonstration:

Create videos of your chef cooking your signature dishes, and share it through the social media platforms. I know that to create video takes time and effort, but you can see by watching my videos that I'm a fan. The reason is that video content works! As per the latest study by usurv, 39% of consumers are more likely to share your content if it is in video format, 36% are more likely to comment, and increases by 56% the probability of receiving likes.

7: Share local news:

An example would be, if a storm is coming to your city make an announcement at your social media platforms alerting people for the precautions they should have. This also makes you a member of the community by providing useful information, that is not related to the core of your business.

8: Celebrities:

It doesn't need to be always the king or the queen, if a football player from a small league appears to dine at your restaurant, invite him to take a picture with you and ask for permission to share it online. I'm sure that the small league has a few followers and his fans will engage with the photo.

The key to success is restaurant social media, is to don't always talk about you, you, you… as people will not feel that you are a member of their community, but instead, just trying to get their money.

You must mix it up with social posts like the ones I mentioned. If you just talk about you, you… You will look like that guy that always arrive at a social event with a sunburn mentioning: I did this and I did this, and I’m the best on this and this… Nobody wants to listen to him! So don’t be that guy online.

Do you have used other restaurant social media tactics that worked well? Share with us at comment box below!

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