Week 18 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through some restaurant loyalty programs ideas and apps.

Many restaurants have come up with successful restaurant loyalty programs, and I receive frequently questions from my clients regarding if loyalty programs still work, and if they should implement one at their restaurant. In this video I share my thoughts on it, and share some ideas and apps that may be useful to you.

As you know loyalty programs consist on rewarding your best customers.  The goal is to entice them to become regulars. We do this by rewarding them when they accomplish something in the restaurant. Ex: if you return several times to the restaurant during an established period of time I will give you a free bottle of our house wine.

The core benefit is to increase the repeated business from the best customers, but there is another great benefit that restaurateurs sometimes forget: when they reward a loyal customer, they will make him happy, and when a customer is happy he will share his happiness with their friends.

And, as you know, people recommending your restaurant to their friends is the best marketing you can have.

But the loyalty program at your customer point of view is different, and for him to advocate it needs two things: to be easy to follow and have actual value.

In order to be easy to follow there should be no effort for the client to participate or to redeem its offers. If you make it effortless they will join. Please don’t make something complicated like: “13 points equals one dollar, and if you collect 30 dollars you can get a free meal for two during the month of July”.

It is too confusing, you should do something as simple as if you spend a total of $50 in our restaurant you will get a free dessert of your choice from our menu.

Now I will share two restaurant loyalty programs ideas according to what the customers want. Both do not use physical loyalty cards, because everyone has a lot of plastic cards in their wallet and we don’t want more! But instead the traditional loyalty card is replaced by an app on the phone or the customer existing credit card.

-There are a few apps like Thanx and POS systems that allow a registered credit card to work as a loyalty card, they are very easy for the client because every time he pays with his registered credit card he is participating on the loyalty program.

As the example I gave previously, that for every $50 spent your customer gets a free dessert, imagine a client that goes to your restaurant on a Monday and pays $30 with his credit card. On Friday he comes back and spends another $25, as he in total has spent more than $50 in these two days, he receives a message on his mobile saying that he just got a free dessert at your restaurant!

-My other proposal is for you to create your own restaurant app. Today, to create your restaurant app is no more a huge investment and you can easily create yours with loyalty programs integrated by paying a small monthly fee. Per example you can use shoutem to create yours, by less than $50 a month. If it works you keep it, if not, you can stop it anytime without additional fees.

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