Week 16 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will talk about the Restaurant Mobile Marketing Ideas and Trends for 2016.

Mobile, mobile, mobile... You have listened about the trend, and most probably you follow it by carrying a mobile phone in your pocket. If almost everyone in this world uses mobile phones, and most of them connected to the internet, do you think that if you spend your marketing dollars on mobile is a waste?

Believe me it is not. Let me tell you a few reasons why…

- When People nowadays are away from home, and they have no plan for lunch and dinner, many of them will pick up their mobile phone to search for restaurants with good reviews nearby them.

- When planning holiday’s people not only search for flights and accommodation, they will also search online for restaurant experiences.

- As per ComScore, in 2014 there were more internet users on mobile than desktop.

- Besides that, as per Thrive Analytics, consumers are responding to mobile ads. In their latest survey, 55% of the respondents mentioned that they have already clicked on a mobile ad.

So if by now you agree with me, let me tell you how you should spend your restaurant dollars on mobile marketing during 2016:

- Restaurant Video Ads – people have moved their eyeballs from TV to the mobile screens. Besides the gigantic ad cost difference between placing an ad on tv to a mobile app like Instagram or facebook, other advantage is that online video ads have is that, you can lead viewers to action. Ex: You can ask them to click to visit your site, download your app, or print your free glass of wine coupon.

- Sell special events or menus using mobile payments- this is another great opportunity that is not much used by restaurants. So you have your special Christmas menu and you spending dollars on designing posters to display in house, local newspapers ads, etc… Why don’t you create mobile ads that will only display to people that is 1km away from your restaurant? And besides that use a call to action for them to reserve their seats by paying in advance through a mobile payment platform like paypal or stripe. This tactic will reduce your no shows a lot on these special days that you want that extra revenue and profit.

- SMS- the traditional sms are also a great way to advertise your restaurant specials. Nowadays you even can add images, videos and links to your mobile messages to make it more engaging. The SMS marketing approach is very powerful because almost everyone you send the SMS will see it, as the open rates for SMSs are over 90%.

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