Week 15 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will talk about how to write the executive summary for your restaurant business plan.

You probably watching this video, because you need to write the executive summary for your business plan. If this is the case, you should know already that the executive summary will be at the beginning of the document, and it will be the first part read, and in many cases the only part that is actually read.

Your restaurant executive summary should consist of a condensed summary of the entire business plan. This executive summary, need to give the reader a full understanding of what he will find in more detail inside the document. That is why it is a very, if not the most, important part of a restaurant business plan.

When you handover the business plan to an investor or banker, he will start by reading your executive summary. If he finds your summary interesting, he will ask you questions and dig into the report for more details. On the other way, if the summary is not well written and doesn’t create interest on the reader, believe me that he or she won’t be willing to read the other 50 pages of your plan.

The executive summary must stand alone, what I mean by this is that should have is own introduction, the middle content, and the conclusion. Now I’m gonna talk about what should be included in each one of these three sections, but before that I would like to mention that the executive summary shouldn’t have more than 2 pages, and actually I prefer the ones that have only 1.

In the Introduction you must talk about- what kind of restaurant you plan to open and why, who is the chef, your menu, desired location, capacity, and justify briefly all decisions.

In the Middle Content section, you need to talk about who is your target market, who are your competitors, what about what competitive advantages do you have, what are your most important planned marketing activities and everything else that you want to highlight from your business plan that will create in the reader the desire to listen and learn more about your project.

At this middle section, you also need to summarize your financial projections, how much you need to invest? how much revenue in Year 1 and Year 2? when will you achieve your breakeven point?

In case your restaurant needs financing, you also need to summarize it here. How much? What are the sources? What is the interest rate? When you plan to pay back?

At the last paragraph that I called the conclusion, you should focus on explaining the reader the long term vision of your plan. Is the goal to turn the restaurant into a franchise? is your plan to sell it after 5 years of successful operation? do you plan to open 5 more outlets in different cities? etc…

I will leave a link below for you to download a checklist with all the details I mentioned before that you must include in your restaurant executive summary, so you don’t need to listen to the video again and again.

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