Week 14 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will talk about the 5 key steps to Create Your Restaurant Marketing Plan that will drive customers to your restaurant.

I get asked this question quite a lot: What separates successful restaurants from non-successful? Besides food and service, it is Marketing! If you get the 4P’s of Marketing right (Product/ Price/ Place and Promotion), together with great food and service, I guarantee you that your restaurant will be packed every day.

So, in order for your restaurant marketing plan to work, you will need to follow these 5 core marketing steps:

1- Observe/Read/ Ask & Listen- First you need to find what consumers want. If you get this correct and in detail you are half way to create a successful restaurant business. But what people want is not what you think they want, believe me, usually there is a long distance between what we think people want from what exactly they want. So to gather this information you need to observe them, read about trends, and most important ask and listen to them.

2- Define Your Competitive Advantage- Now that you know what people want, you need to define your market advantage. This means, what is the difference between you and your competitors that your target market appreciates. This advantage can be related to price, location, menu offerings, service speed, food quality, bigger portions, etc…

3- Position It and Share It- Now that you know your competitive advantage you need to let your potential customers know as well. First you need to check the best communication channels to reach your customers. Is it facebook? Local newspaper? By email? At that special annual event? As soon as they got your message and listen to your competitive advantage they will come to your restaurant to try it.

4- Exceed their Expectations- Now that they are seated at your restaurant you need to exceed their expectation. This is done to make sure that they will come back and become regulars, as you know, it gets more expensive to get a new customer than retain an existing. And don’t worry, you don’t need to offer them a free lobster, most of the times an attentive service is more than enough.

5- Plan Analysis- This is the step that is most forgotten in restaurant marketing plans. What were the results of your efforts? How much does it cost to get a new customer? What about to transform a first time customer into a loyal customer? What can you improve in future restaurant marketing plans?

These 5 steps may sound a lot of work, but let me tell you they are fundamental to your success. If you don’t have a qualified marketing professional to create it for you, I suggest you to use either my one page restaurant marketing plan template that I talked on my week 5, or go through a full marketing plan software like the Sales and Marketing Pro that guides you in all the process to create a great marketing plan for your restaurant.

I will leave the links to both options below the video.

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