Week 12 | Transcript

Below is the transcript from my Week 12 video. You can find the original post here: Best Types of Facebook Ads for Restaurants.

Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will talk about the best type of facebook ads for restaurants.

Facebook ads either can appear here, the newsfeed, or on this area, the right hand side bar. For an ad to appear on the best place, the newsfeed area, it has to be associated with a facebook page. So if you don’t have created your restaurant facebook page please go ahead and create one, it is free and it takes five minutes.

This is an example of a newsfeed ad and this of a right hand side ad. Facebook advertisement platform focus on goal based advertisement, meaning that you can select different types of ads depending on your goals.

One of the most common restaurant facebook ad type is Boost Post, this helps promote a regular facebook post to a targeted audience. So basically you just create a regular post that could include an image of your new dish, a video of your chef cooking, just text mentioning about your new schedule, or a link to your online ordering page, and facebook will help you to share it with the target audience you have selected.

The boosted post will appear as a regular post on the newsfeed of the targeted audience you selected, with a small sponsored word here below the post title. So people most of the time don’t even notice or care if you are paying for your restaurant post to appear on their newsfeed, and it drives awareness of your message and engagement if the images, video or message that you used, is attractive to them.

Another facebook ad type that you should consider if you need to drive customers to your restaurant is the offer post, the offer post when it appears on your potential customers’ newsfeed it has this Get Offer button that encourages potential customers to click on it.

An example of how this ad type works: You advertise that you will give one free glass of wine. When people click on the get offer button facebook will send them an email and they will need to show the email at your restaurant to receive the free glass of wine.

The last one that is useful for your restaurant business is the “Promote Your Page Ad”, that invites the target audience you selected to like your restaurant facebook page. When people like it, it will be listed as their facebook pages likes, and all their connections may also see it as it will create a newsfeed post like John likes Restaurant A page. Besides that, every time you post something on your restaurant facebook page, they are able to see it in their newsfeed.

So now that you know which facebook ads you should use, go ahead and use them for new exposure to your restaurant and consequently more traffic at your tables.

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