Week 11 | Transcript

Below is the transcript from my Week 11 video. You can find the original post here: Define Your Restaurant Target Market.

Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will talk about How to Define Your Restaurant Target Market.

As you know the success of your restaurant is directly related to the number of customers you serve, and the customers enter your restaurant, either because they know or listened about your restaurant, or they passed by your door.

For the customers to enter your door you need to pass them an appealing message. In case the customers are near your entrance, the message is passed by the design, menu and ambience that is seen from your restaurant door. If they are far from your restaurant, the message is passed either by their friends or your marketing materials.

In order for this message to be appealing and drive customers to your restaurant you need to define your target market, because an appealing message for a 18 years old surfer is not the same as for a 62 years old CEO.

As you may have more than one target market. Per example: if you run a pizzeria in Chicago you could have the Italian community, families, and youngsters as your customers. So in this case you need to segment them:  Geographically, Demographically and Psychographically.

So let’s work on segmenting our target market in two different situations:

The first is... You are opening a new restaurant and not sure who will be your customers, and the other is... you have been operating for a while and have been serving your customers for a few years.

Let's start by if you opening a new restaurant and haven't met your customers. In this case you will need to define your ideal customer? Geographically, Demographically and Psychographically:

Geographically you will need to think where they live? Is it a walking distance? Or it is far away?

Demographically: Are they married with children? Are they teenagers in a nearby school? Are they blue collar, managers or CEO's at their jobs?

Psychographically: What are their hobbies? Where they like to Dine?  Where they like to shop?

And then define them as much as you can. As I said before, you can have more than an ideal target market, but you have to be specific in each one of them.

Now let’s understand how to define your target market if you already been operating for a few years.

You will also need to define your target markets geographically, demographically and psychographically, but you won’t be guessing your ideal customer but instead collect the information from your existing customers.

Let’s start by geographically: to find this information you should engage with your customers in a conversation to understand if: Are they from your city? Do they need to take the subway to reach your door? Are they tourists in holidays?

Demographically: This one is easier as you just need to observe them. Age, Gender, Families, Etc…

Psychographically: The best way would be to talk to them in order to understand their interests, but if you are a good observer you may get some psychographic info by observing them. Do they use sports clothes? What kind of shopping bags they bring to your restaurant?

Now that you have defined and segmented your target markets you should write a customers’ persona. This means a small paragraph describing a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based in your research. You have to do one for each one of the target markets you have defined.

An example for an organic food restaurant would be:

John is a strong and tall male between 25 and 35 years old. He is married and have two daughters, he works in marketing as a marketing manager for McDonalds. As he understands very well about the harm of junk food, he likes to bring his family to home grown organic restaurants, as he wants to give the best nutrients to his daughters. He always selects his restaurants by listening to friends recommendations and reviews on TripAdvisor. The most effective way to communicate with John is through email.

Now that John customer persona was created, every time this organic food restaurant creates a promotional message, they should write and design it to be as much appealing as possible to John.

This way all the people with similar geographic, demographic and psychographic characteristics as John, will feel associated with the restaurant.

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