Week 20 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing, this week I will go through How to Create Your Restaurant Leaflets.

Restaurant leaflets have been in the streets for a while and that is for the simple reason that: it works.  It is a cost effective way to tell everyone around your restaurant location about: your new opening, promotions or new offerings.

As you only have a few seconds to excite your restaurant potential customer to collect a piece, in this week's video I talk about how to get their attention and desire to collect a leaflet, and how to pass your message through the small piece of paper in order to achieve your restaurant campaign goals. For that, I will mix a little of copywriting and graphic design tips.

On writing the copy, or text, for your restaurant leaflets you should consider:

- Who is your target market? This is extremely important because you can't write the same words and use the same tone as you use for young kids if you targeting corporate executives.

- You will need to write 3 separated texts. The offer, the call to action, and the details. You also should give more relevance to the offer by using design techniques that I will talk in a minute, then to the call to action, and less relevance to the details.

- You need to focus on your campaign message/ selling proposition- Why the restaurant leaflet has value for your target market? And don't tell the entire story and benefits of your restaurant. Less is more in leaflet design.

- Insert your call to action: What drives me crazy, is when I face promotional marketing activities that don't have a call to action. If you don't have a goal for spending your marketing dollars, why are you spending them? This call to action may invite them to call your restaurant to make a reservation, visit your website, make an online order, sign up for your email newsletter, or bring the flyer in their next visit to receive a gift or discount.

Now talking about the design of your leaflet. I have already created tons of different leaflets and learned that the key in terms of restaurant leaflet design is to be simple! And for that you need to follow these rules:

- Just one large quality photo per page. The pages are small and you have no more than 3 seconds to convince the potential customer to grab a copy. If you use a lot of small images on it, he or she will see none. Use just one and as large as you can.

- As I mentioned before, you should have only 3 chunks of text. The offer text as big as possible to be the first thing they see (You can use only capital letters if necessary). Then the call to action, that is the second thing that the leaflet collector eyes should focus, and for last your restaurant details like telephone, email, website etc… And that is it! Don't try to add lots of photos, your entire menu, the history of your restaurant, or your grandma picture. 3 chunks of text: Offer, Call to Action, and Details, nothing else.

- Don't use more than 2 colors for background and text, of course not counting the photo. These 2 colors should have good contrast (example: black and white, black and yellow, or burgundy and white, like I use on these presentations). Not similar colors as this will affect its capabilities to pass the message.

- Also only one font or two in your restaurant leaflets. In case you want to use two fonts they should be very different, so that they contrast one from the other. Don't use two similar fonts, as it will confuse the reader eyes.

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