Video 28 | Transcript

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Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes marketing, this week I will go through my Five Best Practices on Instagram for Business.

Instagram is a great business platform for retailers because its users don't mind to see ads inside their feeds. And this doesn't happen with the other most used social media platforms like facebook, linkedin and twitter. Instagram users are shoppers, and a study showed that they don't mind to be advertised for products inside the platform.
So if they are shoppers and don't mind that you advertise your products there, we must agree that you should use Instagram to promote your products and drive sales.

Another benefit of using Instagram to promote your products is that if you use the 5 best practices that we will talk in a minute you will not look like pushing sales, as only 10% of your photos should be focused on your product details and most of the other photos shared, around 90%, should be focused on general people using your products or about interests associated with your target market.

Ex: If you are selling surf boards, only 10% of your photos should be featuring your surfboards in detail. The rest should be people using your boards, surf competition photos, images about new trends or rookies and not about your products features and advantages.

So in today's video, I will talk about the five best practices to drive engagement and consequently sales with your Instagram account:
1-Use only quality photos. Also, an Instagram study have concluded that bright photos receive more likes than darker. So, I suggest you to use and app like afterlight to enhance your photos quality. It has android, iphone and windows 8 versions and it works great. I will leave a link below so you can get it.
2-It is also proved by several studies that if you add people and faces in your photos you get over 30% more engagement.
3-Connect with instagrammers that have a great followers list and ask them to promote your products. They may ask you for money, and that is ok if you see that they have a great number of engaged followers that have the same characteristics as your target market. Just consider them as if you are hiring a model to promote your products.
4-Is to always use hashtags in the photos caption. You should not add more than 3 hashtags in your photos caption. If you really have a lot of hashtags that you believe will make a difference to get more views, I suggest you to add them in a comment box below the photo caption.
5-And for last, don't forget to insert your location in each new post. This will help your posts viewers see where you are located and find you or your store if they want to purchase your products. The location feature is also great when you have instagrammers that visit your shop and they upload photos inside your shop to Instagram. Most of these photos people are smiling so it communicates a positive and great atmosphere inside your shop.

So if you follow these 5 best practices and your target market uses Instagram you will create sales because your potential customers will:
-Learn about you and your products.
-Understand what your brand is all about.
-See who is using your products and why.
-Find where to shop for your products. Either from your ecommerce link or from your tagged location.

And I believe we agree that this has an enourmous value for any business.

Thank you for watching, hope it helps, and if you want me to keep creating educational marketing videos please support by liking, commenting, and sharing below. Thanks and Cheers!