5 Tips for Selling on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing tools for business and there is several reasons for that. First, by the time I write this, Instagram has over 400 million users and, besides that, its users don’t mind to be advertised inside the platform. 

This enthusiasm to see ads inside the platform doesn’t happen on the other most used social media platforms like facebook and twitter, and If majority of instagram users don’t mind to be advertised, it means that they are looking inside Instagram for opportunities and suggestions to shop, and that is another reason why Instagram is a great business tool as you can promote your products without being unpleasant. 

So in this week’s video, I will talk about what I consider to be the best five practices in Instagram for business. Another reason that I love to use Instagram to promote businesses is that you can talk about your business inside the platform without appearing that you are just looking for a sale. This happens because most of the photos you share on Instagram should not be focused on your products and business features, but instead focused on people using your products and great images associated with your target market interests. 

On the video I also give an example of a surf board business, explaining that only ten percent of the images they share on Instagram is about their boards’ features and advantages and all the rest are focused on surf championships or trends inside the surfers groups.