Restaurant SWOT Analysis

Restaurant SWOT Analysis is a must do for any restaurateur that wants to drive his restaurant to success. After finishing the SWOT analysis, you will know the strengths and weaknesses that your restaurant has against its competitors, and the external opportunities and threats that can bring your business up or down.

In summary, the restaurant SWOT analysis is divided into two sections, and then each one of these two sections into two other sections. The first major section is for internal factors, meaning positive or negative factors that your restaurant has against the competition. The positive internal factor is defined as a Strength and the negative internal factor as a Weakness. The second major section is for external factors, where you should include positive and negative external factors that influence your restaurant business. The positive external factor is called an Opportunity and the negative a Threat.

So in this video, I will explain in detail what is a restaurant SWOT analysis, how you can make one for your restaurant and what you should do after accomplishing it.