Restaurant Press Release

A restaurant press release is a great marketing tool for any restaurateur. It can be used to announce your new restaurant, increase your brand awareness, create interest in your target market, publicity of your upcoming event, just to name a few.

With the above reasons and many more this week's video walks you through all the details and structure you should use when you are creating your restaurant press release. I will write a summary below, but I really recommend watching the video for better understanding and more details:

On the header should come your restaurant logo and business address followed by in capital bold letters the words Press Release. Underneath the header, should come your title that it is one of the key elements of the press release as it will be the first part read, and many times the only by the journalist or restaurant blogger with who you will be sharing your press release. Then I suggest to write no more than three paragraphs, being the first with the most relevant information for the reader, and the second with the next most important information, and the third with the less relevant. Please note, that when I say less relevant I don't say not relevant as all the information at the press release should be interesting to the reader. After these three paragraphs you should do a paragraph with the word ends, this will inform the journalist or food blogger that it is until that that you would like the information to be shared. Below this, you should add the notes to the editor where you need to write a short description about your company, and a contact if the readers would like to get in touch to ask more details that are not included at the restaurant press release.