The 5 Key Steps to Create a Restaurant Marketing Plan that Works

If you are not sure that you need to spend time creating a restaurant marketing plan let me tell you something. What separates profitable restaurants from non-profitable besides food and service quality it is marketing. 

With this in mind, on this week video I go through the five key steps to create a successful restaurant marketing plan that drives the type of clientele you need to your restaurant. 

The five steps consist on: 

   1- Understanding the consumers by listening and researching about them.

   2- Define your competitive advantage. This competitive advantage will make consumers choose your restaurant instead of the competition.

   3- Position your restaurant according to its competitive advantage and strengths.

   4- Exceed expectations when customers are inside your restaurant.

   5- Analyze results.

You will have the detailed explanation of these five steps in the video above. I also suggest you two tools that will help you in creating a solid restaurant marketing plan. You can get more information about them at the links below:

   1- The One Page Restaurant Marketing Plan

   2- The Sales and Marketing Pro (affiliate)

If you have questions regarding the restaurant marketing plan creation, please leave your question in a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.