Create a Dessert Menu for Your Restaurant to Increase Dessert and Starter Sales

This week in the 30 Minutes Restaurant Marketing I will explain why it is important to have the dessert menu separated from the main menu and how to create a nice dessert menu in less than 16 minutes.

There are two main reasons for the dessert menu to be separated from the main menu:

- The first is when guests seat down and are provided with a menu that has the desserts included, there is a good possibility that they will see a dessert that they love. When this happens, in their mind they already know that they will eat the dessert at the end of their meal, and they may skip the starter afraid of ordering too much. So, to keep your desserts outside the main menu is a good restaurant marketing technique to increase the starters’ sales.

- The second is when guests finish their main course and are surprised with a professional looking dessert menu with pleasing items to finish their meal, it is really difficult to say no. At least for me, even more difficult if I invited someone to have lunch with me.

In case you haven't done yet, watch the video above where I show how to design a good looking dessert menu in less than 16 minutes so you don't have excuses to don’t have one.

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