Be Found in Google, Maps and Plus

In this week 30 Minutes Restaurant Marketing we will work together in making your restaurant visible in google search, maps and plus. To achieve that we will use the recently developed Google my Business, an excellent marketing tool for any small business.

If you create a Google my Business account for your restaurant it will insert your restaurant in google search, google maps and google plus. This could be done before the launch on Google my Business marketing tool, but you would have to create and manage three different accounts.

So if you are interested that your restaurant appears in Google when people search for restaurants in your area, people can see its location and follow instructions through the gps installed in their phones, and have a page to communicate with your potential clients what is the latest news and promotions you need to create a Google my Business account for your restaurant. 

Not sure where to start? Just follow the above video that will guide you step by step.