Customer Retention

Create a Daily Restaurant Email Blast Promoting Your Set Lunch

This week we will work on creating restaurant email blast campaigns that you can use daily to promote your set lunch. We will use mailchimp as the email marketing software as it is one of the easiest to use and it is free for an email database not bigger than 2,000 emails.

This will help not only restaurants that offer a daily set lunch and want to get more covers, but also anyone who wants to get started with email marketing. This video will guide you step by step in how to create a daily set lunch restaurant email blast, but you may follow it just for any restaurant email marketing campaign you would like to create.

Free Images for Your Restaurant Marketing Materials

In this week 30 minutes restaurant marketing I will show you how to get free and legal to use images for your restaurant marketing materials. We are always in need to get quality images for our marketing materials or menus and we have to decide if we will hire a photographer, buy stock photography, or search for free photos online.

In case you decide to search for free photos, this video will explain you how you can filter which ones you can use legally in your restaurant marketing materials.

As I mention at the video, you can get your free Christmas coloring table mats here.

Set Your Restaurant Twitter Account for Success

In this week 30 Minutes Restaurant Marketing I talk about the two priorities every time a restaurateur opens its twitter account.

As you know twitter is one of the most used social media tools. As per the latest statista report it had already 316 million users. And the most talked subjects were food, travel, sports and the latest news. Its users like to visit twitter regularly to share their latest experiences or something fun. With these facts we must agree that your restaurant should be using twitter as a marketing tool in order to take part of these twitter conversations.

If you haven't started using twitter as a restaurant marketing tool, I suggest you to go to my week 1 video, where I talk about how to create a twitter account for your restaurant. In this video we will go one step ahead, and discuss how to use that twitter account and specially the mention, reply, retweet, like, and private messages functionalities.

As I mention at the video I have created two Christmas coloring table mats that you can download at this link and send to print. If you don't want to deal with an outside printer, there is also an A4 version that you can print in house and pass to the little ones when they arrive your restaurant.

In case you have any other restaurant marketing idea that you would like me to create videos about it, please comment below.


Create a Twitter Page for Your Restaurant

If your restaurant target market is young or tech savvy there is a big possibility that they use twitter. You may don't like the twitter app, but if your target market uses it regularly to communicate you should have a twitter page for your restaurant. It doesn't matter if you like twitter or not, what really matters is that your target market will feel associated with your brand by seeing your presence in a communication tool they like to use.

This week you should not be worried in how to manage or use twitter to promote your restaurant. You just gonna create a twitter presence for your restaurant. This is simple and only takes 10 minutes.  What you gonna do later with your restaurant twitter account you don't need to worry, just subscribe below to my weekly tutorials and I will guide you.

The video below is a simple to follow step by step guide in how to create a twitter page for your restaurant. If you encounter any difficulty in creating your twitter page, leave a comment below this post and I will do my best to help you out.