Restaurant Business Plan

Opening a Restaurant? Learn the Easy Way to Calculate Your Break Even Point

If you are planning in opening a restaurant, one of the first things you need to calculate is your break even point. Why? Because the break even point will tell you the number of customers you have to serve monthly to make profit.

Frankly, predicting the exact number of customers you will have to serve in order to open a profitable restaurant is difficult, because some customers spend more, others less, food costs vary from dish to dish, etc... But you must agree with me that it is a very important number when you plan on opening a restaurant. The best and easiest way to know this number that will bring your restaurant from making a loss to making profit is with the break even analysis, and this video will explain you in detail how you can calculate it with one example.

If you planning in opening a restaurant and found this video useful you should also have a look on my video One Page Restaurant Marketing Plan, where I talk about how to create a marketing plan in just one page that will guide all your marketing and promotional activities.

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The Restaurant Boost Campaign it is a great product that helps you build a potential restaurant clients emails list. An emails list is one of the best restaurant marketing tools you can have, because it helps you fill up your restaurant whenever you need it.

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Create Your One Page Restaurant Marketing Plan

On this week 30 Minutes Restaurant Marketing I will explain and share my One Page Restaurant Marketing Concept. I believe that a marketing plan it is a must for any restaurant business, but I also understand that to create a 30 pages marketing plan can be sometimes too much time consuming for a restaurateur.

So my One Restaurant Marketing Plan is focused on getting all the marketing essentials and actions in one page that can be developed in less than one hour and revised monthly in 15 minutes.

You can get the template here.