Customer Retention

Handling Restaurant Complaints

Handling restaurant complaints is part of the restaurateur life, no matter how well your restaurant serve and cook you will always find customers complaining for some reason.

In this week's video I walk you through a strategy, called the STARS complaint technique, that guides you in transforming the angry customers into regular customers of your restaurant. The Stars Technique stands for: Sorry, Thank You, Act, Recover & Share, and if you follow these five steps you are in a good position to transform the complainer into a regular customer of your restaurant.

If you have other great techniques in handling restaurant complaints please share with us at the comment box below.

How to Exceed Customer Expectations in Restaurants

On this week’s lesson, how to exceed customer expectations in restaurants, I explain why it is the most important thing in restaurant marketing and give you a few tips that you can use to exceed your customers’ expectations.

As you know it costs us more money to acquire a new customer than to make an existing to come back, and on this video I focus on how to exceed customer expectations in restaurants, so that in a near future you won’t need to spend a dollar acquiring new ones, as you already have a solid list of loyal customers that recommend your restaurant to others.

8 Social Media Tactics for Restaurants

Social media channels are great platforms for restaurants to pass their message to their potential customers. What happens, is that restaurateurs most of the times are not sure how to deliver it in a way that will drive results.

That is why in this week's video. 8 social media tactics for restaurants, I go through some of the social media tactics I use when I'm promoting restaurants online. Besides that, I also explain that the key for any restaurant to have success in social media is to don’t only talk about their new promotions, dishes, operation hours, etc... But also add posts that share valuable information for the community that are not directly related to the core of their business.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Ideas and Apps

Restaurant loyalty programs are created to retain the best customers by rewarding them. They have been used for centuries and there are many successful cases in the restaurant industry.

But as everything in this world, loyalty programs have evolved. Nowadays you still can find the traditional punch cards that in many cases still work very well, but besides that you have other more complex with points, tiers, community, charged, games, and many others.

In this week video I go through what are restaurant loyalty programs, how they should be used, and give you two ideas and apps that you can utilize to create one for your restaurant.

Restaurant Mobile Marketing Ideas and Trends for 2016

Restaurant Mobile Marketing is one of the hot marketing topics in 2016. It has all the right to be, as almost everyone in this world carries a mobile phone in his pocket. 

Taking into consideration the importance of mobile marketing nowadays, this week’s video lesson goes through facts that justify why restaurant mobile marketing is a great opportunity to provide return on investment of your marketing budget.

Besides presenting these facts, I also go through what kind of restaurant mobile marketing tactics you should use in 2016 to get the best ROI from your marketing dollars.

Make Your Restaurant Customers Happier by Increasing your Prices

One of the questions I get most is about restaurant pricing methods. I always suggest the cost-plus pricing method where restaurateurs need to calculate all their fixed and variable costs and then add their profit margin. If you need help in calculating your fixed and variable costs, watch my video on restaurant break even point.

What you need to be aware, and that is what you will learn on this week’s video, is that price and brand is directly related to your restaurant customer perception of taste. Meaning that, if your restaurant is priced higher or it has a strong brand associated with it, your customers will without knowing appreciate more your food. That is why I always advise my clients to don’t undercharge, because if they do it, their customers will not appreciate as much as they should their Chefs work at the kitchen.

Watch the above video for the results from a Cornell University study that proofs exactly that the perception of food quality is directly related to its selling price.

If you have any other question on restaurant pricing methods, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer it.