Customer Acquisition

5 Tips for Selling on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing tools for business and there is several reasons for that. First, by the time I write this, Instagram has over 400 million users and, besides that, its users don’t mind to be advertised inside the platform. 

This enthusiasm to see ads inside the platform doesn’t happen on the other most used social media platforms like facebook and twitter, and If majority of instagram users don’t mind to be advertised, it means that they are looking inside Instagram for opportunities and suggestions to shop, and that is another reason why Instagram is a great business tool as you can promote your products without being unpleasant. 

So in this week’s video, I will talk about what I consider to be the best five practices in Instagram for business. Another reason that I love to use Instagram to promote businesses is that you can talk about your business inside the platform without appearing that you are just looking for a sale. This happens because most of the photos you share on Instagram should not be focused on your products and business features, but instead focused on people using your products and great images associated with your target market interests. 

On the video I also give an example of a surf board business, explaining that only ten percent of the images they share on Instagram is about their boards’ features and advantages and all the rest are focused on surf championships or trends inside the surfers groups.

Restaurant Advertisement

If you own a restaurant, or are in the restaurant business, then you must know by now that restaurant advertisement is a great way to get new potential customers to listen about your existence and what you have to offer. Many people are not comfortable in trying out new restaurants with the fear of disappointment. This makes it important for such a business to roll out advertisement campaigns that will help in drawing attention about their offers and strengths. But in order for these ads to drive new customers, they need to be carefully thought and designed. Below is an outline of 5 steps to be taken if one is to create a great restaurant advertisement.

1. Goals

The first step for creating a great restaurant advertisement is to define your goals. This is one of the most crucial steps because it is during this phage that you get to define what you want the advertisement to achieve. Deciding whether the advertisement should get you more online activity on your website, whether it should draw more customers to try out a new dish, or it should reinforce your restaurants status as the best in your city. Whatever the goals you choose, make sure they are well defined so that they will help you on taking the right decisions on the following steps.

2. Evaluate

After identifying your restaurant advertisement goals, what you need to do next is to evaluate the advertisement options you have. This step will involve a lot of brainstorming and looking into the different promotional activities you could do instead or complementary to the ad. Depending on your goals, you may decide to have posters put up within your business, share a press release, make use of email marketing, or even placing flyers inside your bill folders. While deciding on any of these options, you should also consider the benefits versus cost implication of each one of the possibilities. The idea here is to settle for an option that will help you attain the desired results with little capital investment.

3. Budget

If you have decided to go ahead and create a restaurant advertisement. The following three things are very important factors to consider when coming up with your budget.

· How much money do you have at your disposal?

· Have you ever made any similar advertisements in the past, what were the results and cost?

· Do your competitors use restaurant advertisements to promote their restaurants or menus and do you think it works for them? What methods do they use? If your competitor uses a certain method that seems to work for them, there is no shame in coming up with a similar advertisement campaign.

After taking these factors into consideration, decide on the amount that you are going to spend on this campaign before moving to the next step.

4. Channels

The next step for creating a great restaurant advertisement is to decide on the best marketing channel for it. You do not need to spend all your advertisement budget into one channel. You can diversify and cast a wider net. Consider the following factors before settling on an advertisement channel:

· Which channels do your competitors use and why?

· What print media does your target market read?

· Do they go online, and if so which websites do they frequent?

· Does your target market listen to radio?

It is only after analyzing these factors that you go ahead and start designing your advertisement. And after design is completed you can launch your campaign.

5. Return on investment

Analyzing the return on investment is one of the most important and the final step of a restaurant advertisement campaign. You should focus on determining the amount of extra money you made originated from the ad campaign. Measuring the results sometimes can prove to be a bit of a challenge. It is very easy to monitor online ads results since you can get detailed analytics for each campaign. Getting results for offline advertisement channels is a bit more challenging since there aren’t accurate ways of quantifying analytics although you can use the following methods to get a rough idea of the advertisement results:

· Having a dedicated telephone number to make reservations originated from the ad.

· Ask customers how they found you.

· Use discount coupons in print advertisements

And that is it, if you need to create a restaurant ad you can follow these five steps.

Restaurant Press Release

A restaurant press release is a great marketing tool for any restaurateur. It can be used to announce your new restaurant, increase your brand awareness, create interest in your target market, publicity of your upcoming event, just to name a few.

With the above reasons and many more this week's video walks you through all the details and structure you should use when you are creating your restaurant press release. I will write a summary below, but I really recommend watching the video for better understanding and more details:

On the header should come your restaurant logo and business address followed by in capital bold letters the words Press Release. Underneath the header, should come your title that it is one of the key elements of the press release as it will be the first part read, and many times the only by the journalist or restaurant blogger with who you will be sharing your press release. Then I suggest to write no more than three paragraphs, being the first with the most relevant information for the reader, and the second with the next most important information, and the third with the less relevant. Please note, that when I say less relevant I don't say not relevant as all the information at the press release should be interesting to the reader. After these three paragraphs you should do a paragraph with the word ends, this will inform the journalist or food blogger that it is until that that you would like the information to be shared. Below this, you should add the notes to the editor where you need to write a short description about your company, and a contact if the readers would like to get in touch to ask more details that are not included at the restaurant press release.

How to Create Your Restaurant Leaflets

This week's video, how to create your restaurant leaflets, walks you through the necessary steps you need to take to create successful restaurant leaflets. I consider them successful when they are picked up by their target market and achieve their goals with a well-crafted written message.

In order for these two things to happen, a great mix of another two needs to be created: restaurant copywriting and graphic design. When you create your restaurant leaflets, it is the mix between design and text that will make them being picked up and achieve its goals.

8 Social Media Tactics for Restaurants

Social media channels are great platforms for restaurants to pass their message to their potential customers. What happens, is that restaurateurs most of the times are not sure how to deliver it in a way that will drive results.

That is why in this week's video. 8 social media tactics for restaurants, I go through some of the social media tactics I use when I'm promoting restaurants online. Besides that, I also explain that the key for any restaurant to have success in social media is to don’t only talk about their new promotions, dishes, operation hours, etc... But also add posts that share valuable information for the community that are not directly related to the core of their business.

Restaurant Mobile Marketing Ideas and Trends for 2016

Restaurant Mobile Marketing is one of the hot marketing topics in 2016. It has all the right to be, as almost everyone in this world carries a mobile phone in his pocket. 

Taking into consideration the importance of mobile marketing nowadays, this week’s video lesson goes through facts that justify why restaurant mobile marketing is a great opportunity to provide return on investment of your marketing budget.

Besides presenting these facts, I also go through what kind of restaurant mobile marketing tactics you should use in 2016 to get the best ROI from your marketing dollars.